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Kiffynatural USA Leave-In Detangler Conditioner


    This product stays true to its promise of ensuring your hair is nourished and easy to comb during and after styling or blow drying.

    Specially formulated to nourish all hair types.It helps to separate all types of knots and tangles.  Rich in a floral infusion that helps to give hair strength and elasticity. Rich in apple cider vinegar which makes the hair less fizzy, smoother,less prone to breakage and more moisturized.
    Contains tea tree essential oil which might help with minor scalp irritation and infection. Rosemary essential oil which will help promote healthy hair growth and healthy scalp.

    Suitable for children and adults.

    Direction: Can be applied to damp hair or dry hair. For best results combine with kiffynaturals black hair shampoo, ayuverda hair oil and kiffynaturals hair pudding.

    This is an 8oz product