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Pink Panther Sequin Mask

  • Looking for a fun mask to celebrate the holidays or a family event? Get in on the fun with these sequins masks that are black on one side and pink on the other!

    These are double layered masks with the inside being a washable black satin silk. We produce limited quantites to keep our collections exclusive. 

    These masks may be disinfected on the side of the sequins and hand washed gently in warm water after use.

    This comes in an adult, kid, and child’s size mask. Ensure that you select the right size. 
    Adult Size: 7 1/2" long x 5 1/4" tall with overhead elastic

    Kid Size (Ages 9-12): 7"long x 4 1/4" tall with ear loop elastic

    Child Size (Agest 3-5): 5" long x 3 1/2" tall with ear loop elastic