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Black Hair Growth Shampoo

  • Kiffynaturals USA Black Shampoo rich in cocoa pod ash, this blend is sulphate free, paraben free, silicon free and alcohol free. It is a rich blend of herbs and protein rich oils that help to thoroughly clean the hair without stripping the hair of the natural moisture. It is proven to help get rid if dandruff, itchy scalp and promotes shine and hair strength. It is suitable for all hair types.

    Ingredients cocoa pod ash, distilled water, Indian goosebery, horsetail, nettle, neem, rosemary, honey, vegetable glycerine, blackseed oil, hemp seed oil, optiphen plus/germal plus.

    Direction of use: Dampen the hair with water and apply a small amount of kiffynaturals black hair growth shampoo, massage proper into the scalp to create a generous lather. Rinse off with plenty of water and follow up with kiffynaturals hair pudding to lock in moisture.