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African Black Soap Brown Sugar Scrub


    African black soap has been used since time immemorial to cleanse the body. Its rich in antibacterial properties makes it do a squeaky clean job. While the added carrier oils and humectant contained in our blend ensures that your skin is not stripped of beneficial oils.Brown sugar also has some antibacterial properties and glycolic acid that keeps your skin looking radiant,healthy and lends it a youthful glow. The combination of African black soap and brown sugar helps to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells. African black soap is obtained from burning of plantain peels and cocoa pod ash which is combined with palm kernel oil, unrefined shea butter and organic coconut oil to produce soap. Ingredients Cocoa pod ash, Rose distillate, vegetable glycerine, honey, Tamarind, turmeric powder, neem powder, vitamin C, brown sugar, cacao powder, fragrance.

    DIRECTION: Moisten your body with a little water, scoop some scrub paste out and massage onto the whole of your body for 5 minutes. Rinse off with plenty water and pat your body dry. Massage in the Kiffynaturals glow oil with saffron or the kiffynaturals cocoa shea body whip.