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What is modest fashion, exactly?

These past few years, modest fashion brands, designers and influencers slowly but surely gained their place under the spotlight. Modest fashion was once seen as a curiosity, and a type of fashion style only reserved to religious women. As a quick google search shows, modest fashion is now a style adopted by many different women of different backgrounds around the world. Modest fashion is available to anyone, with many mainstream retailers like Asos offering modest fashion lines, as well as specialist modest fashion brands such as Modanisa or Modestiq.

Something that made us write this article though, is that not one person had the same definition of what modest fashion is. Hannah Almassi gave a beginning of a definition in an article she wrote on WhoWhatWear about modest fashion: 'If there's one thing all of the women I spoke to agree on, it's this: There is no one definition of what modest fashion means, but it essentially relates to having a degree of awareness when it comes to covering up parts of your body.'

We were still not sure what modest fashion meant for our clients or for our fellow modest fashion brand owners and influencers, and so we decided to ask them!


Could you introduce yourself in a few words

Modest fashion France is an Instagram page but also a website that aims to promote modest fashion in France and internationally. The creator of Modest Fashion France and MFF Corporate is Sabrina.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background, and explain why you started your instagram account? 

We noticed that modest fashion was not represented enough in France, so we decided to create this page to highlight both the creators and consumers of modest fashion. The goal is to value, support and accompany women from all walks of life to highlight the modest fashion by promoting tolerance, diversity, humanity and solidarity.

What does modest fashion mean to you?

Modest fashion is a trend that is followed by a large number of women because of their convictions, whether philosophical, cultural, religious or other and are simply aimed at any woman who wishes to assert her style while opting for a modest style of clothing.


Could you introduce yourself in a few words

We are a team of two sisters, born and raised in the South of France.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background, and explain why you started your instagram account? 

We founded MIRROR in 2017 because we faced struggles with finding cute modest pieces to wear, and putting together an outfit was like playing tetris to us. We started Instagram with our business, it was for us a way of sharing outfits and ideas on how to style modest clothing, as well as showcasing our own brand.

What does modest fashion mean to you?

Modest Fashion for us is not only the way you dress, it’s also the way you spend in fashion and the way you treat the clothes you buy. For us, modest fashion equals sustainable fashion, just like it is important to know what you eat, it’s important to know what you wear and in what conditions it has been produced. Modest fashion is about quality, it’s about buying lasting and timeless pieces. Modest fashion is about less is more.

At Shaklibrands, we believe that modest fashion means dressing according to your own values, whatever they are, and not just following fashion trends blindly. While we do love clothes, what we are tying to achieve with our brand is to build a community empowering women all over the world, and to remind everyone that clothes don't have to define you or how other people see you. We also want to remind women that with determination and boldness, they have the power to achieve anything they set their mind to, and that looks don't define them.

What is YOUR definition of modest fashion? Let us know in the comments section!