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The design process started

The design process started with me waking up at 6am Chicago time to chat with Julia.

We would talk through the initial design together and ask each other questions...

  • How many body shapes would appreciate this design?

  • Is it functional? (For example enough pockets? Easy to put on? Lightweight? Etc)

  • Does it provide options?

The last question is what sparked the most conversation, because we found several different unserviced markets that could find benefit to a dress that had multiple variations in one.

For example, devout Jewish and Muslim women wear head coverings and dress modestly. Other women of faith or non-denominationally related also dress modestly in different ways: short sleeves versus long, mid-length skirt, loose clothing, etc. So we looked at our design and began to think about all of these different women.

In our analysis, we also evaluated if a multi-variation outfit would be useful to anyone else in the market? The analysis, absolutely. Many women feel pressured to wear new outfits at gatherings, especially with the rise of social media and being “seen” already in an outfit. Well there is a financial cost to that, which is not sustainable.

The more we looked into flexibility it began to formulate the design. The design that started with a simple mermaid long sleeved dress changed so the sleeves could be removed.

We thought about that piece in detail, where the shirt can be worn on top like a jacket or attached to an overskirt to give it the feel of one dress. We thought about how simple it would be to provide an extra piece and make this a separate jacket.

What about over layering?? In order to limit the over layering feel, we added support for women to eliminate the need for a bra.

The overskirt was added to give it grandeur and optionality. We found that it could be worn separately or with the dress.

As Julia likes to say at this stage, I went crazy with pockets! I’m not a purse carrying kinda girl all the time, so pockets for me are essential.

The biggest trick in the design was how does everything hook together, where, and with what mechanism?? Those details are usually found in the tech-pack.

Stay tuned and we will give you that low down! In the meantime, here are the photos of some of the non-designs that didn’t make the cut!

Different dress options

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