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Oh what a difference a year makes

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Although it feels like yesterday, in fact it has been a year since we formalized Shakli in the form you see it today.

Starting anything new is not only exciting, but has many many hurdles. The good news, is we have documented some of these hurdles and will share them with you on our blog. A small sneak peak behind the scenes of what it has taken for us to build this brand and company.

It all began in London, where Julia and I met through a mutual friend. I was looking for a partner to join and to share in the challenges of building the brand. It is hard to build something new alone and from learning about other companies that have succeeded or closed down, finding the right partner was imperative to success.

When we met and I described the vision of Shakli - a brand, dedicated to building a network of women connected through design, purchasing, and receiving. Julia was immediately on board. She loved the idea and the mission of helping other women find success through the passion of clothes and designing.

So we embarked on this journey together and it has been a journey filled with early morning phone calls from the US to afternoon calls in Germany. We began to think about our business plan, mission statement, designing clothes, supply chain, and supply partners. We had a small seed amount as an investment and immediately began working every day.

One of the biggest challenges was staying nimble. We knew the over arching concept of our business - a brand for women, by women, to women. But all the pieces were not as easily falling into place, mainly our supply chain.

We were lucky to have found several different suppliers around the world. However, the per unit quantities were too high for a new brand. We wanted to be able to provide a spectrum of designs and not just invest everything into 1 design. In order to determine what that ideal quantity would be, we needed to know the cost of the product and production. Yes, this is all circular information which feeds off each other - now do you see the dilemma? But every day, we kept moving forward and set small goals for ourselves.

The first being perfecting our first design, which we will tell you about next.

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