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Dreaming into reality

So here it is, our very first blog post on our very own website. This is many years of dreaming moving into a reality.

The idea of Shakli was born when I was 14yrs old. That is when I started designing clothes and dreaming. It was much younger when I was first bit by the bug. See my grandmother was the most influential person in my life. She used to spend hours sewing and mending clothes. I used to sit with her and all I ever managed to learn was how to take out stitches and thread a needle.

The passion of using my imagination to make something never escaped me. Growing up I would spend hours on end with my mother and grandmother at fabric stores. I began designing my own evening gowns, selecting fabrics, and working with a seamstress. Then slowly developed more input into outfits my mother was designing for herself. Before I knew it, I began to design my own work wear, casual wear, and work-out wear.

Clothes for me are not about the superficial aspects. Of course, they must look beautiful and frame the body well. But what use are they if they are not functional. How many of us have worn pants without pockets? Or struggled on the dance floor of a wedding caught between wanting to take pictures with our phone and the fear that it will go flying out of our hand while dancing, because we don't want to miss that perfect song.

More important, how many of us are tired of being judged by what we wear. I am so much more than the hijab on my head. So I promised myself, to build a fashion label about a community of women. A brand that is about how we can inspire each other, build community, mentorship, opportunity and do it all looking fabulous!

So here I am, starting a venture on the side while having a career as an aviation finance attorney. This is definitely a milestone moment. So a bit about me. I tried marriage at 25 and found myself in an abusive marriage. I was lucky. I had great friends and a wealth of support as I decided to leave and since then I have not returned to a traditional path that society has constructed for us women.

Rather, I pursued my career, worked 2 jobs while completing my law degree and soon found myself working as a banking and finance attorney internationally. I published a book and a series of articles, traveled, and chased my dreams. I learned about other faiths, cultures, and foods, while exploring my heart's passions. And most importantly I embraced myself, all of me, including being happy single.

The one dream I could never escape, was the desire to build this brand and to be able to give other women around the world the same opportunity to realize their dreams. Because in the end, what is life but making dreams into reality.

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