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A brand focused on bringing functionality and humanity to fashion

The name Shakli comes from the Arabic translation for “MY LOOK.” We design fashionable, functional, feminine clothing celebrating the personal style choices women make. We provide the option for women to have more coverage and to dress modestly. 

Our modest fashion designs are powered by the inspiring global community of women who pave their own life and legacy. Harnessing this power, we aim to create garments (mainly tops with pockets) to complement a woman's autonomy. 

At Shakli, we are creating the fashion world we want to see by providing women with the option to find modest functional fashion. Each modest top and dress is designed with Function, Fashion, and Femininity at the forefront and always with POCKETS!

We partner with trusted suppliers to source quality materials that, in turn, become versatile and practical wardrobe staples we are proud to wear and sell. 

In the spirit of our mission to empower women globally, we dedicate a percentage of all products sold to our Kiva.org fund. The fund supports women led projects around the world by issuing micro-loans.

We carefully vet each project and focus fund distribution to projects with efforts aimed at reducing poverty, the promotion of access to education, and vocational training.

Visit our Lender Profile on www.kiva.org to learn more. 

Social Impact fashion

How we support Women

For every item sold, we place a percentage of proceeds in our Kiva.org fund. Proceeds are distributed as micro-loans to women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

For more information, visit www.kiva.org

Women's modest fashion shirts with pockets and purpose.

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