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Our Process


The world around us is filled with inspiration, in those moments we draw and develop an initial design. We then discuss all the different ways to make it practical, useful in your life - does it have pockets? Have we considered all the different body types? Have we considered how you can use this piece for more than one occasion?


We spent months gathering lists of suppliers from around the world in a number of different categories. We test their capabilities, sample the products, ask for references, identify capacity and seek to build a long lasting business relationship. At this stage, our first and foremost goal is to ensure that we provide you with quality items. 



We proceed with converting our design into a real life sample. It is in this stage that we continue our design process. We continue to refine the piece to ensure you will receive a quality item that lasts. We are not selling you fast fashion, but timelessness. 



So here is the fun part! We seek everyday women to model our items and welcome any photos of you in our clothes or jewelry! 


We manufacture limited quantity of items to keep your style unique, fresh, and exclusive. We oversee the manufacturing to ensure quality items are produced. Every piece is checked at every stage (i.e. raw material ordering, manufacturing, post production, and pre-shipping). 



Our online boutique is an opportunity for you to browse our items and find the right piece for you. It is also a place to find items sold by other brands that suit your needs.