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Our Mission

Our fashion brand mission is to provide high quality fashion items that honor your choice to cover or uncover your body. We design every outfit with you in mind. How will this fabric make you feel? Is it practical for your needs? How can we design pieces to give you more options for every outfit and to help you refresh your closet uniquely? 

Our mission is not just to be a brand, but one that inspires the building of a global community of women and small businesses supporting each other. We have the ability to better society together, as individuals and collectively, which is why we dedicate a percentage of proceeds from every item sold into our fund. We commit every dollar placed in this fund to be used toward providing micro-loans to projects around the globe supporting and aiding women and children.


We carefully vet the projects we support to ensure funds are distributed to high-impact projects with efforts aimed at reducing poverty, the promotion of access to education and vocational training.


We are not just a brand, but a lifestyle.

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