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As a child of a British father and German mother I was born in Great Britain where I spent my first four years. In 1988 we moved to Hamburg, Germany. My passion for fashion developed early while I was a teenager and I decided after my “Abitur” which is equivalent to UK A level to study Fashion and Design Management at a private university in Hamburg, graduating as a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion and Design Management in 2009. During my studies I also attended seminars such as Denim, Dyeing, Printing, Woven fabrics, Knitted fabrics.


My working career started in Basel, Switzerland with a company producing casual and basic wear and continued after two years as a product manager with a large retailer dealing with women plus size fashion for online, catalogue and retail sales in Hamburg.


I take my social responsibilities very seriously, for example, I worked with drug addicts during my studies. The aim was to make their life a little easier and equip them with hygienic articles to reduce infections.


I also worked in Egypt as a scuba diving guide which had a significant influence on me and my outlook on life. Learning about a totally different culture and family life made me much more open-minded.


I got to know Dena after a close friend introduced us. When she told me about her idea for Shakli I was really fascinated by it, so we met in London. Within an hour we knew that partnering on this project would be a great idea - so here we are now.