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My life did not take the traditional path that society has constructed for us women, but any means. I graduated college and worked hard developing my feet onto a career path in business. I married late for my community at the age of 25 (not late these days) and found myself in an abusive relationship. I was lucky. I had great friends and a wealth of support as I decided to leave my marriage. 


I pursued my law degree, whilst working 2 jobs. I became chair of a committee with the American Bar Association and soon after working as a banking and finance attorney internationally. I published a book and a series of articles dedicating myself to my work, expanding my knowledge. The world continued to expand professionally. I was recruited to work for an airline managing the legal finance portfolio and aspects of crisis management including a plane crash.


In my personal life, I spent a lot of time dedicated to healing, growing, and building myself. I traveled the world, dedicated myself to a series of hobbies - diving, skydiving, horseback riding, archery, etc. My core motto is that my life is not defined by my relationship status, it’s defined by me. 


The idea of Shakli was born when I was 14. I designed clothes for my and my mom, at the time. We purchased fabrics from around the world Paris, London, and the Middle East. I would scour magazines for ideas and inspiration combining different styles to make a gown or evening suit. I ventured on to continue to design my own work suits, day clothes and workout clothes. In 2017, I took a sabbatical from the law to obtain a masters in public administration from Harvard and focus on refining the dream of building Shakli.  


The clothes for me were never about the superficial woman. Women are so much more than just a pretty face. So I promised myself, when I build my fashion label, it will be about a community of women. It will be about how we feel, how we inspire each other, how we can build community, mentorship and opportunity. And so here we are today.