Why support women through Kiva.org?

Why support women through Kiva.org?

Ever since the inception of the idea of this brand, I knew I wanted it to revolve around supporting other women. I wanted to build an international community of women. 

I looked into several different types of concepts - donation, trading clothes, etc. The one that spoke the most to me was building a fund via kiva.org. 

I was first introduced to Kiva many years ago and have been a strong supporter/advocate since. Because every $1 not only helps someone, but continues to grow and help more individuals. The money continuously is revolving helping more and more women. 

We decided to dedicate a percentage of our proceeds to our Kiva.org fund. As the fund accumulates $25, we lend the money to a woman entrepreneur in a developing country. Repayments remain in the fund and are also re-lent to new women entrepreneurs in developing countries. We work to publish regularly about the women we support and the growth of our fund. 

Together, we are building a virtual network of women supporting women globally. 

Learn more about Kiva below or head to their website at kiva.org

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