What kind of brand do we want to build?

What kind of brand do we want to build?

In dreaming about my brand, it was always a feeling of luxury, soft clouds, and elegance. Sounds fluffy, right? But it is the truth. I want women to feel luxury, connected to themselves, and connected to building a better future for other women. 

Communicating this idea takes a lot of thoughtfulness and something I had to learn as we built the brand. Every picture, every post, every blog, every tagline, every product description is part of building this story. We also communicate this through our packaging, the little gifts you receive when you open your box with a blouse to add to your modest fashion closet. 

When we started the brand, I did not appreciate how much work goes into either social media, building a brand image, or the copy attached. I made a lot of mistakes and learned from others (either by watching, speaking, listening, taking courses, and getting consumer feedback). 

All of my learnings over the past several years are slowly starting to cohesively join and bring forward the modest fashion brand you see today. Every day is a new step forward. 

Have you watched us grow over the years? If so, are you starting to feel the brand finally coming together and to fruition? DM us on Instagram and let us know your thoughts!