What helps add brand value?

What helps add brand value?

We identified the type of brand we wanted to establish outside of the quality modest outfit we were delivering. Basically, we started at the end. The package with your Shakli modest blouse has delivered. What does the package look like? How does it feel to open? What are the colors? What is the experience? 

These were all the different questions that were being discussed, encouraged, and assessed. We thought about giving a small gift with each modest outfit. We began to sit and think about what are the types of gifts that make sense: key chains, garment bags, hangars, fashion accessories, etc. 

We decided on having specially made hangers and garment bags. This was the first time I realized how much detail goes into something as simple as a hanger. 

We had over 20 options to choose from style. Then we had colors, types and shoulder width to manage. The photo below is the final style that we selected. 

Modest Fashion Brand

Next game the garment bag. It similarly had several styles, fabrics, and specialty features that we needed to select, until we landed with this style. 

Modest Fashion Brand Shakli
Both of these items were made in anticipation of the launch of an evening gown collection. In our previous blog, you learned that did not occur as our plans were forcibly modified with the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Instead we launched in January of 2022 long blouses with pockets. A modest fashion brand focused on fashionable, feminine, and functional tops. 
The garment bags and hangers have not gone to waste. Rather, they are allowing us to share with you our desired brand experience when you open your Shakli box. 
Stay tuned as we share with you more snippets of #behindtheblouse and how our challenges are being used as successes in building this brand.