Ocean Breeze

Simple is sometimes all we actually need. 

Over the years, I find myself staying in my suit or sweater during the day to ensure that my lower back remains covered. Regardless of the brand, I noticed my shirts insufficiently covered my lower back when sitting or crouching. 

Investing this matter more, I learned that a woman's dress shirt is by definition slightly shorter than a man's dress shirt. It was an industry standard, which ultimately meant every woman was facing my same dilemma. 

The design of this blouse is really simple. I wanted a blouse that is versatile and that covers my back when I sit and move. The pockets were extra and proved to be useful throughout my day. 

This blouse taught me that simple is sometimes all we actually need. 

This modest clothing design is intended to be a staple design! It will be released in additional colors in the near future!