I have an idea for a product - what next??

After months of asking women about clothes, purchasing habits, what they are missing, and what the new trends are mid-pandemic, I recognized that women lack options for modest coverage and for pockets! 

My brain was flowing with designs. Not being able to draw to save my life I began find creative ways to communicate my ideas. I cut and pasted images onto google slides, noting measurements, and design details in the margins. 

I looked at the slides with a sense of accomplishment and fear.

What if this doesn't translate and the manufacturer laughs at me? 

What if I am missing an important element in the design? 

It took me a day or so and some re-adjustments to the slides, before I felt comfortable enough to let go and try.

I never want to live with "What if I never tried". 

I had spent years hunting for the right manufacturers and finally found 2 options. More about supply chain learnings in another post. 

In the interim, even if you don't know...TRY. Because those who laugh at you, don't have the guts to try it themselves!