How did the Shakli team find a photographer for a photoshoot?

How to find a photographer for a photoshoot

The best way to sell products, especially modestly designed blouses is through images. Shakli is predominately an e-commerce brand (for now). Therefore, it is important that you are able to see the quality of our modest fashion blouses, tops, shirt with the images we place on our website. Photos matter!

Starting this modest fashion brand (Shakli), we were thoughtful in where we spent money. There were times we were able to take professional photos on our own, make the edits, and use them in our brand materials. However, as we move into designing blouses and tops, we recognize that modeling and photos are not as simple as bringing a friend over and taking a few shots. 

Modeling is an art and so is photography. Some people are more skilled or have honed their practice. When building this brand I knew the look, style and feel I wanted. With that in mind I started to look for freelance photographers that would be able to capture that in a moment behind the lens. 

We use several different freelance apps to post a job and seek a photographer to capture our brand photos. For instance upwork and fiverr are the most common. We received a number of different applicants and slowly went through each applicant and profile. Our key parameters were:

-location, needed a US based photographer, and

-someone with the skillset to capture the style and feel I want to display on our modest fashion website. 

We were blessed with finding Jahnnie Alvarado (Instagram @PeachandLove). When reviewing her portfolio of work, I instantly knew that she has the same vision when looking behind the lens. I instantly contacted her and this began the photoshoot process. I was open to learn her process, style, and from her experience. She was phenomenal on guiding throughout the steps! 

Stay tuned and learn more about our different photoshoots!