How did the Shakli team manage the styling for the photoshoot?

How did the Shakli team manage the styling for the photoshoot?

Our photoshoot from the modest fashion blouses was different than the photoshoot for the modest evening gowns.

When we launched modest evening gowns we were extremely specific on the styles. We purchased shoes for the models, jewelry and had a lot of attention to the detail, scarves, hijabs, etc. But when styling for the Shakli modest fashion blouses, we took a more balanced approach. We recognize that our designs are fluid in multiple markets, not just the modest fashion market.

We requested all the models wear a black trouser and black heels to ensure the blouses and dresses popped. 

The day of the lifestyle shoot, we spent more time with each of the models styling the wardrobe into a modest fashion style. We built a strong rapport with each of the models and have some interesting feedback on how they felt wearing the clothes and hijab styles. 

The second day, we did the indoor photoshoot with the white backdrop. The models were great in recommending different styles. It was here that I realized letting go could give us a broader range of styling and marketability. We gave the models free reign on using the fashion accessories and props. Here are some of the great styles they came up with! You will notice some of these dresses are not yet up for sale (at the time of this post). Read more about how we pushed along our modest fashion brand.

Modest Fashion Dress            Long Dresses with Pockets Modest Fashion