How did the Shakli team identify a target market?

How did the Shakli team identify a target market?

Identifying the target market does not always come easy. It is really important to think about who is your product (in our case, women's blouse) going to serve. We spent a lot of time researching our future Shakli customers. 

We first looked at what gap in the market are we trying to fulfill? The answer is definitely providing ALL women with much needed POCKETS! The second gap in the marketplace is finding long modest blouses that are fashionable, functional, and feminine. We identified that these are 2 gaps that Shakli tops are going to service. 

We began to ask ourselves deeper questions. What is our price point for these blouses and is there a market of women who are willing to BUY at that price? Our answer was, Yes!

We identified a few market segments, including women who are body conscious or religiously conscious who seek slightly looser fit clothing and do not want to sacrifice the functionality or femininity in design. 

We sent out surveys to potential consumers to gather market data and we analyzed the data internally to better refine our target. It is this data that we use to understand our market and to place targeted advertisements online. 

When we finally were able to clearly identify our target market, we noticed a better reach with our Shakli social media and an increase in our social media following.