How COVID changed our Shakli business model

From 2017 - 2019, we spent a lot of time assessing the modest fashion market and opportunities. We surveyed to see where do women concerned about modest fashion dresses and clothes purchase these items? shopped? how much on average is paid for a dress? etc. 

In studying the modest fashion market, we decided to focus on designing flexible evening outfits to provide more options to modest fashion purchasers. We found a boutique atelier in India and Turkey that we discussed to manufacture the modest fashion evening gowns. It took us time to find and sample with these manufacturers.

In tandem, we searched for fabric. We wanted a silk satin with heavy beaded embroidery. We found gorgeous beaded fabric that we purchased from Vietnam and exported it. 

Our first official ready to wear design was born and in the making. There were a lot of details that we needed to work through, including adding POCKETS into the dress design! But the basic idea of the design was solidified (see photo below). 

We completed a preliminary photoshoot of the modest dress and launched the website. The fabric sourced was enroute to the atelier for manufacturing. We were completing a market study to identify the quantity of each size of modest fashion dress to purchase. 

We were launching our advertising campaign and started soft selling the modest evening gowns in the market. As borders closed, we realized that we would not be in a position to fulfill any orders. As the uncertainty grew in the world, we began to think what is next for our brand? 

Stay tuned as we tell you how we navigated our business model during COVID and turned our challenges into small success and growth. 

Modest Evening Gowns

Shakli Modest Fashion Evening Gown