From Idea to confidence

We all have great ideas for new products, clothes, services, etc. 

But there is a step in between the idea and implementation. It is building the confidence to actually move forward. Most people look at me and think that I ooze in self confidence. What they don't realize, is it took time to build my self-confidence. 

My brother (who is also my rock) sat me down one day. He asked, "What is the worst thing that would happen if you fail?"

After thinking, I responded, "Public failure and humiliation".

He said, "is that it?"

My response, "and money"

His response, "what would happen next?"

"I would pick myself up, start over." 

Then he asked me his last question, "what if you never try?"

It was that last question that got me thinking, "What if I never try to launch my dream of building a modest fashion brand? A brand that allows women to select what they reveal. Well, I would regret it for the rest of my life. Because I would never know". 

He said, "Exactly, so what is stopping you?"

In that moment, I realized I was afraid. I was afraid of making mistakes and the task seemed enormous. It was that moment I realized, I have control over how I feel and I can break down the tasks into manageable pieces. Start from the beginning and not the end. 

Since 2015, I have slowly been tackling this dream of building a modest fashion brand. Every day I take 1 step forward and try something, learn something, and grow this business. 

In order to finally take it to the next level, I realized I need to have faith in myself. Because if I did not have confidence in what I am bringing to the market, how can my consumer have confidence in my product. 

I tried to surround myself with supporters, but more importantly, I learned to become my biggest fan! This change drastically moved me forward in building this modest clothing brand. 

Little did I know the number of obstacles that were going to be in my way! More on that later! 

Stay tuned for steps taken in designing our Fearless Eyelet - Snap cuffs long sleeve blouse with pockets!