Failure is the launch pad to success

Here we are again, at the beginning. 

We started and stopped Shakli over the past few years, as we faced many different types of hurdles. Whether it was launching an evening brand at the onset of a global pandemic, or our supply chain being cut-off with global closures. 

Each hurdle we faced taught us something new. It gave us an opportunity to review, pivot and restart. These hurdles do not come without impact. They often are the seeds that instill fear or doubt. They leave us sometimes cowering in a corner debating whether it is all worth it. 

Watching Sing recently with my niece, inspired me not to give up. The movie centers around a bunny, Buster Moon, who has a childhood dream of owning a successful theater. He bought his theater, but all the productions were unsuccessful. Despite all the challenges, he was not going to give up. Rather, he says "You know what is great about reaching rock bottom? There is only one way to go, and that is up!". 

So here we are again, looking up. 

We took all the learnings from what has not worked in our business model, researched the market and found our niche: 

stylish, classy, feminine long blouses with functional pockets 

We are taking all of our "failures" and using them as our launching pad. We are putting fear behind us and leaning into courage. 

We invite you to join us behind the scenes as we build this brand and work toward the launch of our new shirts with POCKETS in 2022!!