Are you ever afraid when running the Shakli business?

Are you ever afraid when running your business?

All the time. I believe that if you are not in the zone of fear in your business then you are not pushing your limits. It is only outside of our comfort zone that we will be able to stretch our talents. 

Every day in our fashion business we are learning, growing, and sometimes failing. We are always seeking to stretch our personal skills and professional accomplishments. 

The launch of each blouse design and top production is filled with excitement and trepidation that this modest fashion design may not be marketable. This is why, we engage with our Instagram family and customer lists regularly to keep learning what our community is seeking to purchase. 

Some tips and tricks that we do when we are afraid include:

-take a moment to breathe;

-acknowledge and honor the hurdles that we overcame to get to this point; and

-build a strategy on how to tackle the challenge at hand. 

I was taught at a young age that anything is possible. That mentality also comes with chatering unfamiliar territory. There are many things I have had to learn personally in building a modest fashion brand, an e-commerce shop, and a business. Once we recognize that life is a consistent learning adventure, it is easier to take on these unfamiliar tasks, grow and lean on the experts needed to grow your business. 

I feel blessed in this journey and look forward to waking up tomorrow afraid and the blessing of overcoming that fear.