5 Lessons in Life that guided us toward designing pockets for women in clothing

I remember first starting out and everyone telling me to find the gap in the market. 

All I could think of is a gap in finding fashionable, feminine clothing that I felt was long enough. I lacked the options in all areas of life (working out, work wear, casual wear, evening wear, etc). My ambitious self said I was going to tackle all of it at once. 

It would have worked if I was backed by millions of dollars, but I soon discovered 5 lessons in life that also helped me in building this business:

1- Focus - focus on something (1 thing) and do it extraordinarily well. Become known for that 1 thing and then grow. 

2- Find the Gap in the market and capitalize on the lack of fulfillment in that area. That is how Uber, Lyft, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft all started. 

3- Follow your Gut. We are all capable and all have our own calling. We are taught to disregard are intuition. But if you truly tap deep into yourself you will find that the world will flow easily when you trust your gut. 

4- Research, ask others, survey your market. Do others also see or feel this gap? 

5- Take the Risk and stay ambitious. It will feel at times exciting and other times overwhelming. But if you never try, you will never know. 

I still have a lot of dreams, not just shirts, blouses, tops, and dresses with POCKETS! But it is the start. 

Join me in this journey and hopefully you will also feel inspired to chase your dreams (whether in fashion or as a small business owner)!